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¿Why we launched Geospectra-IDMALAB?

Because we love Science, Spectroscopy, Mineralogy and Chemistry. The Geospectra project was born for the investigation of Topographic and Specimen Mineralogy, that is, the description of the natural catalog of mineral species existing in a given site or location, with the aim of expanding the knowledge of our geological heritage.

Our mission

The mission of the laboratory is the research and scientific study of singular materials, that is, materials that due to their characteristics are unique, valuable, rare or have a collection or patrimonial interest. Very special mineral specimens, geological and archaeological heritage. This type of material requires minimal manipulation, non-destructive analysis and instrumental designed exclusively for materials that have shapes, sizes, compositions and characteristics so different that they can not be standardized in a service to use.

There are a number of museums, associations and collections that accumulate a great potential of scientific knowledge. We intend to help them classify and research their materials, to make known that knowledge in the form of publications and that researchers in the future have references to carry out more in-depth scientific studies. In its current status as a laboratory incorporated to the University, the project lacks a profit motive and is open to collaboration with entities and citizen service. For the same reason, we lack stable funding, so any collaboration that helps maintain laboratory activity is welcome.


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Behind Geospectra is the work of Dr. César Menor-Salván, Chemist, astrobiologist and research scientist during 15 years. After finishing his PhD thesis in Biochemistry, he became an Astrobiologist, expert in Chemical Evolution, Organic Geochemistry, Applied and specimen mineralogy and spectroscopic and microscopic techniques. After that, he joined the School of Chemistry at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA) as Research Scientist. Now, he is Professor at the Universidad de Alcala (Madrid, Spain).

Together with César is Antonino Bueno Yanes, expert mineralogist with a deep knowledge on the mineral deposits of Africa and Iberian Peninsula. Antonino have a solid experience in the field and usually we do not really need spectrometers, just his eyes…


Dr. Menor-Salván (left) and Antonino Bueno, during field work at the «Las Cruces» copper mine in 2010

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