Scientific photomicrography

We make the photomicrography of your samples for you.

  • Photomicrography under stereomicroscope of all kind of samples at sizes below 1 cm (Zeiss Discovery microscope equipped with high quality objectives): Minerals, inclusions, small objects, crystals, etc.
  • Reflected and transmitted light optical photomicrography.

Price/photo: 5 euro

Preview of samples (please follow our blog to find out more beautiful photomicrography):

Recently formed Epsomite

Recently formed Epsomite. This picture was winner of the European Association of Geochemistry scientific photography contest and cover of the prestigious journal Angewandte Chemie


synthetic struvite crystals. Picture published in Bradley Burcar et al. Darwin’s Warm Little Pond: A One-Pot Reaction for Prebiotic Phosphorylation and the Mobilization of Phosphate from Minerals in a Urea-based Solvent, Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2016). DOI: 10.1002/anie.201606239















clinochlore inclusions in quartz. Stereomicroscopy. 40x.


Saccharomyces colonies in a sample from a wine producer.












Lysozyme crystal. 40x


Lead iodide crystals. 100x












Scanning electron microscope photography (false color) of jarosite crystals on goethite


Galena on siderite. Las Cruces mine (Seville, Spain)