About Geospectra project

Welcome to the Geospectra project.

GSC (Geospectra Scientific Consulting) is an independent scientific consulting and research initiative. Our mission is to be your partner in materials analysis, identification and study, specially focused in minerals and specimens for museums and collections.  Is a project intended to share our knowledge in Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry and put it to the requirements of the public. Geospectra is not an usual analytical service. Our philosophy is the direct interaction with the client, the use of non-routine techniques and to give answers, not results.  From customized scientific collaborations to the solution of simple characterization questions, Geospectra is your partner.

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If you have questions or inquiries, please consult the FAQ section or contact us through our contact form or by email to laboratorio@geospectra.es

In this blog, we will share interesting case studies and mineralogical news. Our values are creativity, communication and proximity.



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