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Analytical Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Geospectra is based on more than 15 years of experience in scientific research. As an example, one of the works in which we were involved has been published in August 2014 in the prestigious journal Nature Communications:

We have more than 10 years of experience on microscopy, including scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy and Raman microscopy.

galena siderita sem copia

Galena o n siderite. Las Cruces mine (Spain). Scanning electron microscope image.

Some works published in scientific journals:

Descriptive Mineralogy and Mineral Taxonomy

Geospectra benefits a broad experience in descriptive mineralogy and mineral identification. Press the image to download a selection of performed works (in Spanish):

portada topografica

Amber Geochemistry

The organic geochemistry of amber, i.e., the study of its molecular composition, gives clues to paleobotanics, paleoecology and the History of Life. Moreover, amber geochemistry is a marker in archaeological issues. In a recent work, our client requires to know the origin of an amber bead found in a Neolithic archaeological site. Thanks to our precise knowledge in amber molecular composition, we traced the natural history of the sample. Some published works:

Chemical Microscopy

Our contribution as a tribute on the pioneering microscopical technique applied to the mineralogical research. The classic chemical microscopy has a great didactic value and is a very interesting technique for its use by amateurs. Below, you can download a teaser of a future book on this theme (in Spanish).

portada microq

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