Materials Research

- Non-destructive characterization and analysis of mineral specimens.
- Organic or inorganic and singular materials characterization.
- Independent scientific consulting and research.

Specimen and Topographic Mineralogy

- Study of specimens for museums and public or private collections.
- Non destructive characterization of singular and expensive specimens.
- Identification of Minerals and inorganic materials.
- For mineral dealers and collectors.

Materials testing & identification

Customized scientific approach for:
- Unknown materials ID.
- Identification of contaminants.
- Raman spectrometry of pharmaceuticals and organics.
- Specialists in chromatographic techniques.

Minerals ID & analysis

- Non-destructive ID.
- Any size and sample preparation.
- Specialists in museums and collections specimens.
- Assistance to mineral dealers and collectors at competitive prices.

Cultural Heritage

- Study of archaeological materials by Raman and X-ray spectrocopies.
- Study of cultural heritage and Art History specimens.
- Specialists in the Amber geochemistry.
- Specialists in resins chemotaxonomy.


Micrography of small samples:
- Minerals under stereomicroscope.
- Optical and electronic microscopy.
- Imaging of all kind of samples at sizes below 2 cm.