Materials characterization and topographical mineralogy

Non-destructive research of collection and museum specimens in Natural Sciences, Archeology and Heritage using Raman spectrometry, RX Fluorescence, PIXE spectrometry, SEM-EDS and XRD. One of the main research lines of the laboratory is Topographic and Descriptive Mineralogy.

Amber Geochemistry

The laboratory is part of the Excellence Project “Cretaceous Resin Event: A Global Bioevent of Mass Production of Resin at the Dawn of Modern Terrestrial Ecosystems”. Our line focuses on the study of Organic Geochemistry and Botanical Chemotaxonomy of amber and extant conifers.


The specimen documentation is a way to show the beauty of Science. We share the passion for the photomicrography of specimens, through optical stereomicroscopy, conventional transmitted light microscopy and electron microscopy.

Geospectra: Spectroscopic research in descriptive and topographical mineralogy. IDMALAB: Non-destructive identification of materials and collection specimens for geosciences, archaeology or cultural heritage.  Contact: cesar.menor (at)